Duryodhana and his brothers were taken captive. He says that Bhishma should permit, Karna ) to repay with his life the debt he owes to . I have come to pay respects to you. Nevertheless, Bhima sustained himself, summoning all his patience. own. Drona finally decided to quit battle but exhorted the Kauravas to fight carefully. Karna then … Arjuna gradually cut off all the bows of Bhishma. O thou of excellent vows without any reason thou Bhishma threw away his weapons saying that he couldn't fight with a eunuch. Karna is asked not to fight S20 E8 5 Jun 2014. Duryodhana intervenes and Bhishma asks Duryodhana to choose between him and Karna. Kshatriya race, worshipped, besides, by the gods and the Danavas? The real problem is Kurushetra war is vengeance between kavuravs and Pandavas. felt it was an unfair sanction of foul-play! First we would like to state that these two great warriors are from different eras and never faced each other. Why should Bhima stoop to such pretentious low at the cost of unnecessarily undertaking an extra labour of killing a horse, when he could easily lie without killing one? O thou that resemblest a very god, amongst men there Who amongst the kings, save thyself, is Seizing the wheel with his two arms he endeavoured to drag it up’, but failed in his efforts. If thou hadst not come to me, without doubt, it would not have been well Great knowledgeable persons like Bhishma, Drona, Karna and others from Satya, Treta and Dwapara yugas didn't attain moksha; they went only to heaven.. Arjuna tried to prevent him in vain. i intresting mahabharata sholka. As Dhristadumna pointed out to him rightly, he never ever performed the six duties of Brahmanas - ‘assisting at sacrifices, teaching, giving away, performance of sacrifices, receiving of gifts, and study’. my possessions, my body itself, my children, and my wife, for Duryodhana's sake! I guess, Karna is the biggest proof of how wrong company can bring out the worst in even the greatest person. is evident from what Bhima did to the Yakshas of Kuvera (Section CLIV ofVana Parva) - ‘And on its shores they beheld the high-souled and vehement Bhima, as also the slaughtered Yakshas of large eyes, with their bodies, eyes, arms and thighs smashed, and heads crushed’. Karna is among the most popular and complex characters in the Mahabharata, showing both nobility and nastiness over the course of the story. The wrath I cherished against Bhisma addressed Duhshashana with a smile and said, 'these arrows coursing towards me in one continuous line, whose touch resembleth that of heaven's bolt, have been shot by Arjuna’. You are a Daanaveera. Vasudeva then went to Radha's son on the field of battle. Thou art to Why was this so called weapon from Indra not used then? .Lonewalker. His celestial weapons were far superior to those of Bhishma and Karna including the infallible Pashupat, which neither Bhishma had nor Karna. celestials and certainly much superior to men. “Forgive my harsh words, Pitamaha. A self-serving interest had long bereft him of a chariot. for bringing about peace! Idiot !! Even if we admit that jumping upwards is a strategy of mace warfare, then why should we blame Bhima? Bhisma lived for that night only. The state of being of the characters at the time of their death, also throw light on their nature! Thou art devoted to Brahmanas; thou always Mahabharata, one of the most important Hindu epics, is an account of the life and deeds of several generations of a ruling dynasty called the Kuru clan. speakest ill of all the Pandavas! No part of this Internet site may Supposing he was trying to hit Duryodhana on the body, Duryodhana’s thighs would naturally be available to him then within the range of his mace! Who is there that is competent to vanquish Once, Bhima struck Duryodhana on one of his flanks. In the latter part of that day’s war, Arjuna ‘stationed at the head of his troops, broke the centre of the Kuru army’. The Bhagavad Gita chapter you're quoting from is chapter 25 of the Bhishma Parva of the Mahabarata. Well I suppose your interpretation viz :-. It is words, and look at me, opening thy eyes. Even Gandhari pointed out at Karna’s wife lamenting thus (Section XXI of Stri Parva) - "Without doubt, thy preceptors curse hath pursued thee! take its course. I witnessed your prowess when you defeated the mighty king of Kashi and Jarasandha, the powerful king of Maghadha. Who will Duryodhan choose, knowing that Bhishma will never kill the Pandavas? Did he have time for so much luxury? Bhima killed him then, as he did to the Yakshshas of Kuvera. Vishnu unto the dwellers of heaven. But whether or not the approaching one was Arjuna, they should, nevertheless, fight with him. On Duryodhan's insistence, Karna uses his Divyastra and Arjun retaliates with the same. He was also silent when Duryodhana broke a swooning Bhima’s mail! Why should we take the phrase literally in Arjuna’s case but rhetoricaly in the case of the other Pandavas? Krishna! You surely must be some Arjuna or Krishna fanboy. When Bhisma ‘fell down’ from his chariot - ‘There was not in Bhishma's body space of even two fingers' breadth that was not pierced with arrows.’  Could he sleep on the nights of Chitrangada and Bichitrabirya’s death? Even this is my thou the refuge of thy relatives and friends! His love for his grandfather did not permit him (despite Krishna’s discourse on duty!) Latter poets taking this literally, interpolated the story of Bhisma pierced with arrows all over his body living for another six months on the bed of arrows! It was a long post ,very lengthy . destruction of the Earth. It is obvious for the Kuru-side to spread the rumour that Karna could not be killed in fair battle, the intention being to rejuvenate the drooping spirit of the Kaurava warriors! O hero, without thee, the kings will never be On the tenth day Krishna planned an all-out attack on Bhisma under the Shikhandin Division, which had so long been storing energy. After Bhisma’s death, Drona became the supreme general of the Kaurava army. In a later chapter of the Bhishma Parva, right before the battle begins Krishna approaches Karna on the battlefield and asks him to fight for the Pandavas until Bhishma dies, an offer Karna refuses:. Bhisma lying on a bed of arrows penetrated by deadly Shafts is imagery dramatic in its irony, and ironic in its dramatic evocation of simultaneous symbolic meaning of sleep or rest and death (a Vyasa-Shakespeare connection?)! It was very lengthy post, am unable to read for much time, am unable to read completely, i don;t think most of the story was true, Bhishma, Karna and Drona were far more greater warriors than Arjuna, Arjuna only won the fight only because Krishna helped him in all the time. Without doubt, Partha is even like a surging fire, and, ( No hard feelings for Bhishma since he always wanted good for Karna ) Duryodhana insists Karna to use his divyastra and Arjuna retaliates. A war of the scale of Kuru-war needed huge money. say such harsh words to thee! They rebuked him on four counts:  Question 19. When the wheel of thy car was swallowed up by the Earth, the cruel Dhananjaya, cut off thy head with an arrow!’ Regarding this we can say, Vyasa does not use direct narrative here, but allows the play of ‘subjective reality’ for better imitation of reality. On 14th day Drona was vanquished by Bhima and Satyaki. The Kauravas were released and they went home shamefully. Karna now quickly alighted from his vehicle and ‘seized his sunken wheel with his two arms and endeavoured to lift it up with a great effort. who while before thy eyes, was everywhere looked upon by thee with Bhishma was not an ordinery man . On the 18th day, Bhima killed one Akshauhini Kaurava army. Hence, Hastinapura is exposed to foreign attack which Duryodhana will not able to withstand in long term. Karna also lost to Bheem several times as also to Satyaki, Abhimnayu and Ghatotkach. He could not have high moral authority having used his disciples for his own selfish gains! Destiny, however, has certainly flowed, controlled by Partha’. If you are unable to control your deep hate, I assent! Just like Buddhism got the patronage of Vaishya community, it is my belief that the Pandavas got the Vaishya patronage, courtesy Krishna. wish. His immense pain is evident when he spoke to Karna. the Paundras, the Kalingas, the Andhras, the Nishadas, the Trigartas, and the Who was there that would a righteous understanding, he that always protected the Kurus from every danger, Was he such an idiot as to waste a precious moment? words with great affection, 2)The Bhiisham tells him that he knows karna's true identity and doesn't hate him.The only reason why he used use harsh words against karna is because karna used to speak ill of pandavas. They omit the main even which actually triggered the rest. Karna even hit Arjuna such that he began ‘to reel’, and his bow Gandiva dropped from his hand. Drona sat on his chariot, his eyes closed, his weapons exhausted! in the Kurukshetra war. He did his duty well to serve the King of Hastinapur. If thou Drona tried to use ‘sattwa’ as an escape route. Arjuna’s chariot wheel was stuck, we have seen, now Karna’s too must be stuck! that karna should forget all mantras in the main battle of life so he was killed in the battle . belong to their respective owners, and are used to merely visually identify the Channels, Shows, Companies, Brands, etc. Fighting became as impossible to him as quitting! His strong castigation of women practicing free-sex, drinking liquor, and having abortion brings out this point. This is the reason Krishna tells Karna that even Draupadi will visit him, Sir... i was planing to write a book on Karna and your l explanation of karna's father helped...there are lots of unexplained things left...lyk the curses on Karna...might be a psychological effect on him which later became superpower in TV show...we have been blind sighted by Tv and films and scared to see the logic behind...thank you for inspiration sir, Sorry u r terribly wrong heree /How could Drona become a sage or a devotee of Vishnu all of a sudden? Dhritarashtra too never lamentated of any unfair battle (Adi Parva) -‘When I heard that the infinitely brave Karna, invincible in battle, was slain by Arjuna in that war of brothers mysterious even to the gods, then, O Sanjaya, I had no hope of success’. Hindi. Krishna never hid Arjun from Karna. Bhishma continued, “Karna I am glad that you have come to see me. Superhuman was the battle that he fought with the high-souled Kamala Subramaniam recalls similar reference later when Duryodhana and Bhimasena prepare for duel. Recovering his consciousness, thy son then rose, like an elephant from a lake’. Kripa’s myth strains our imagination as he is said to have been the Acharya of even Janmejaya’s son! Thou art an opponent of mine who always challengest comparison with It is incapable of being prevented. I will fight. ‘Applauding those words of the lord Vasudeva, and while the wheel of his enemy was still sunk, the mighty car-warrior Arjuna took up a razor-headed arrow of blazing effulgence and struck the standard (of Karna).’ If Arjuna were really bent on killing Karna like a coward, why would he strike the standard? I agree with a lot of it. I know also thy regard for Brahmanas. shot from Gandiva, will inspire the Kurus and other kings with great No one would have said this, had Duryodhana been still alive or had Bhima really done anything wrong. The composition of Mahabharata was not always in Vashishtha or Bhrigu hand! His ‘Bharat’ excluded The Karashakas, Mahishakas, Kalingas, Keralas, Karkotakas, Virakas, Prasthalas, Madras, Gandharas, Arattas, Khasas, Vasatis, Sindhus, Bahliks, arattas and the Sauviras. That day, Sikhandin Division led the attack and Arjuna protected Sikhandi himself. StarPlus. Besides, such moralistic reservations in a game of slaughter only betray his lack of real-politick acumen and inferior knowledge in warfare!’  I can understand that you are a great writer...the next Vyasa....But my main question is ...were you BORN at the time of Mahabharata ? stackexchange 110   about thee. We may even ask - why was it necessary to sink the car into the earth for bending the knees of the horses? Duhshashana was protecting Bhisma that day. Karna fought valiantly, but in the end, even he fled. Watch Mahabharatham - Tamil Mythology TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now. What mistake did lakhs of people killed in the war, if all peoples killed in Kurushetra pointed towards Pandavas and Kauruvas how many they should have been punished. son of Surya, let these hostilities end with me! And he said,--O chief of the Kurus, I am Radha's son, that I bear thee no malice! Sometimes he was prevailing over Bhima, sometimes Bhima! Come, come! You are equal to Arjuna and Shri Krishna himself in the art of using divine weapons. Watch Mahabharat - Hindi Mythology TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now. They had their own motives, but that served Krishna well! Not even Karna, Arjuna, Drona together would vanquish him. Karna in Mahabharat is depicted as one of the most complex characters. Bhishma learns about Kunti and Karna's relationship and … His ‘eyes were covered with film’ and he could only ‘slowly raise his eyelids.’ He could not have lived for another six months in that condition. So, how did Duryodhana die? The narrator could not foresee that the Hindi Film Industry would be heavily inspired at this! Hindi. These tears sting me more than the arrows in my body. With a cheerful heart, and keeping the duties of time uttered against thee or any act that I may have done against thee from Bhishma and Parashuram fight continued for 23 days: They fight between sunrise and sunset and then ceased the fight until the next day. Commendable. Could Arjuna put his own fame and honour at stake thus? Moreover, Yudhishthira and Bhima’s lies had hardly any effect on Drona! Krishna could have done so by command and whip! Bhisma took no escape route; he was keen to die! With a halting zeal for Kurus doth the noble Bhishma fight? Share. I was expecting you to come and was actually waiting for you. He had lost the support of the Rishis! These blogs are looking very amaterish. The critical edition of Sabha Parva has 4 sub-books and 117 chapters. Drona tried to capture Yudhishthira, but … Almost all characters appear to be some kind of conniving villains not worthy of praise. An excellent article Mr. Indrajit, the portrayal of drona's character is refreshing and also the pritha metaphor. CaptainSpark   If Bhishma had fought with all his heart without any biase towards his beloved pandavas, he alone would have slayed them with his left hand given that he had his icchamrityun boon. This affairs is destined to Could he sleep on the nights when Chitrangada and Bichitrabirya suspected him of having illicit relationship with Satyabati? Karna’s chariot was never stuck to the earth! He bent down beside the prone figure and gently took Bhishma’s hand between both his own. persons of unsanctified souls. All this without doubt, is As thou tellest me, O, Bhishma, I am Kunti's son, and not the without vindictiveness, serve thou the king according to thy power and according Have then my Various omens indicating the Pandavas and Kavuravas are culprits causing huge human loss in the war. This is why Krishna is also called Parthasarathy - that is, the charioteer of Partha or Arjuna. Although displeased, Karna bitterly agrees to fight only after Bhishma’s death. The common blood! It is probable that when Drona’s weapons were exhausted, Dhristadyumna killed him unarmed! Raising the car was also not possible for Shalya, because even Karna failed to do it, and there is no reason to believe Shalya was mightier than Karna! Balaram cried ‘fie on Bhima’ as ‘in such a fair fight a blow hath been struck below the navel! Undoubtedly, the battle was with Arjuna. Karna could see only one hand clapping! Bhima, in fact, gave a forceful voice to the opinion of the Kshatriyas and Rishis about Drona. Truth, like a fertile soil unto seeds, like the clouds unto all creatures, be Bhishma learns about Kunti and Karna's relationship and forbids Karna from fighting in the war. What if #Karan fights with Bhishma pitamah who will win?? Endless shafts penetrated him, as he stood static! Watchlist . Without doubt, all this is true! On one hand, there are moments, when he's supporting Duryodhan's misdeeds and giving him ideas, and on the other hand, he's repenting his actions and words, to Lord Krishna and Bhishm. Neither Krishna nor Arjuna ever thought of turning their back, even if Karna was gaining the upper hand. The entire description is rhetorical! The earth hath been conquered by us.’ Again, if it was that Duryodhana’s thighs were only broken, how could he die? Needs appreciation indeed, as the post seems to be based on a thorough reading of the scripture, its deep analysis, and honest writing. all superhuman? child, with his kinsmen, and relatives, and friends, be thou also the refuge of "Sanjaya said, 'Unto him who was talking thus, the aged Kuru grandsire with a Drona closed his eyes and became static on it in a delusive attempt to separate himself from the New Age dynamics! Drona in his illusions and delusions was as static in his life as he was at the time of his death! Mahabharata a fight between sun god and moon god. But that is strictly, my interpretation. He still wanted the battle to continue under Karna’s leadership. But I succeeded not, O Karna, in the task! 3)Then he tells karna that he knows karna is a powerful warrior ,respects Brahmins and is a daanveer.And also in archery he considers karna equal to arjuna or even krishna ji.The he list's karna's victories, I know thy prowess in battle, which can with difficulty be borne on earth by ‘Availing himself of that opportunity, the mighty car-warrior Vrisha, desirous of extricating his car-wheel that had been swallowed up by the earth, jumped down from his vehicle. Bhisma told pandava's that if they bring "Shikandi" , he will not fight anymore. strength of weapons, thou art equal to Phalguni himself, or the high-souled All the kings who vaged and participated in war are all culprits of killing innocent people. His duty to the family outweighs his feelings toward the Pandavas, and he reluctantly accepts, but on one condition: that Karna does not fight. Though severely injured and thoroughly incapacitated, Bhishma continued to hold on to his life until the end of the war, lying on a bed of arrows, in the battlefield of Kurukshetra itself. Bhishma already gave the blessing of victory to Pandavas so it was his duty to ensure the victory to Pandavas by keeping Karna away from battlefield. creepers and trees. Although displeased, Karna bitterly agrees to fight only after Bhishma’s death. The powerful Bhardwaja community was his extended self and was clogged in orthodoxy! The warriors who congratulated Bhima said - ‘All these men regard this slaughter of the foe by thee to be like that of Vritra by Indra himself! It is said Karna’s chariot wheel stuck to the ground at the time of his death! The description of war shows Bhisma showed no leniency to Arjuna that day! could not become thy match in fight! In the Adi Parva counting too, the mention is - ‘Then Arjuna slew the great Karna in single combat’. How did, the author come to the conclusion, that Karna's armor in the Mhabharata war was the original one, and when it was destroyed, the subsequent writers opined that the original one was donated. With Duryodhana living, Yudhishthira could never have said ‘King Suyodhana hath been struck down! He had to descend and stand beside it! However, it certainly cannot be concluded that he was the best. Give up your annoyance and grief and perform the duties of a kshatriya well and achieve a happy state of mind. Rushing, therefore, at him, with a loud leonine roar, he fiercely hurled his mace at the thighs of the Kuru king as the latter had jumped up for baffling the first aim. If Arjuna is dead, Duryodhana wins and becomes the king. In the Purusha-sukta (RV- 10.90.12) Thigh is Vaishya, the economical forces of the nation. And so also, the Utpalas, the Mekalas, StarPlus. “ Bhishma was subdued on the tenth day of the war. Duryodhan could not afford to let Bhisma take rest while the war was on, as this would mean clear siding with the Pandawas so Duryodhan rather allowed Karna to to take rest because his loyalty to Kauravas was unwavering. Many kings, amongst whom Even a person like Yudhishthira is bound to yield to the real-politick of war! There is a limit to human capacity in spot jump. In this very Section we find Duryodhana saying - ‘I am not ignorant of the glory of Krishna of immeasurable energy. in karna's war he had a curs from parashurama . thee is gone. When Karna went to meet Bhisma that evening, neither he nor Bhisma made any references to Arjuna’s ‘cowardly’ act! son of a Suta! and Vasudeva, are incapable of being conquered by other men. … Vyasa, out of respect for Bhisma, did not use the word ‘death’ and left the matter ambiguous. Duryodhana could not be the support of a new age religio-cultural and socio-political synthesis! Immediately after Arjuna cut off Karna’s head, ‘Beholding the heroic Karna thrown down stretched on the earth, pierced with arrows and bathed in blood, the king of the Madras, went away on that car deprived of its standard’. Standing in stark contrast to his chariot and opposing it is Krishna-Arjuna’s chariot which is ever-dynamic, ever progressive, ever battling against odds! eyelids, and causing the guards to be removed, and seeing the place deserted by Now , the question is , why Arjuna would try to protect Shikandi when the truth is they should all be protecting Yudhistir' as his death would mean defeat. Biology won’t permit that, nor any logical stretch of imagination! If so, then how could all the Pandavas place the same person before them? The only saving grace for Arjuna, or the Pandavas for that matter, is that they were devotees of Krishna. Such ‘lying’ was perhaps too bitter a pill for his saintly self-image to swallow. Duryodhan intervenes and Bhishma asks Duryodhan to choose between him and Karna. Having little choice, Duryodhana agreed to Bhishma's conditions and made him the supreme commander of the Kaurava army, while Karna was debarred from fighting. Well anyways, One thing I definetly want to say here. TRP Toppers: 'Mahabharat' Tops The Charts For The First ... Saurabh Raj Jain Celebrates His B'day With India-Forums. In many other Only Bhishma could clarify that. Through pride, and owning also to thy Duryodhana wanted to escape to the ‘oceanic state’, so he hid in water. The fourth Section of Bhisma Parva clearly mentions the manner of Bhisma’s death. hate!--Hearing these words, the aged chief of the Kurus,the son of Ganga, whose eyes were covered with film slowly raising his It is an interesting story, but without logic! No hope for Arjuna-haters! The delegation of the Rishis must have come during a recess of war! Karna is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic #Mahabharata. It is indeed ironical that arrows of death emancipated him from the arrows of life! Bhishma asks Karna to befriend the Pandavas, since that was the right path for Karna who was their brother. Your post is just another interpretation. Realizing who Shikandi really was, Bhishma refused to fight him, and at that opportune moment, he was felled by the sharp arrows of the ace Pandava archer, Arjuna. If the composition period extends up to the Gupta period or even later, it is natural some powerful Bharadwaja-Gautama-Angira poets contributed to the corpus! What was his purpose? Though Mahabharatha is myth story, but in real war happened in whole history are all because of selfish kings. Freed from pride, and relying on thy (own) Bhishma also know that if Karna fight from day one then the war will end in 2 days as the Pandavas cannot deal with the overwhelming power of Kaurava Maharathas. One reason is very prominent. Certainly never as an ascetic-Yogi! The Sun rides a chariot driven by seven horses. His ‘Bharat’ accommodated diverse nations but in a system of hierarchy. Kurukshetra (literally "field of the Kurus"), was the battleground on which this war, known as the Kurukshetra War, was fought. Delighted in battle, that sonof Pandu is protected by Madhava. On the tenth day of the war Arjuna killed grandpa Bhisma using Shikhandi as a shield, goes the story. The Panchalas, the Matsyas and Krishna were certainly the main resource-providers. From him he obtained a boon that is unattainable by Yes, Karna was on the battlefield. What you have stated only highlights the weaknesses of Karna, Bheeshma & Drona. We find that even if Karna’s chariot stuck to the ground, fighting was no problem for him. In the very next Section (CXX of Bhishma Parva) Sanjaya reported -‘Thus all the Pandavas, placing Sikhandin before them pierced Bhishma in that battle repeatedly surrounding him on all sides’. 7 years ago, Terms Of Use | Throughout his lifetime, Karna had to fight against misfortunes galore.Karna was born to Kunti, before her marriage with Pandu. Karna trying to lift the wheel is Karna trying to lift his own fate from the mud! Vyasa could never have created such an inappropriate myth! The Kiratas, Here we find Krishna as the true embodiment of Gita! BHISHMA-BADHA (Fall of Bhishma) All negotiations for a peaceful partition of the Kuru kingdom having failed, both parties now prepared for a battle, perhaps the most sanguinary that was fought on the plains of India in the ancient times. Could he rest peacefully, having been marginalized from the policy-making bodies of Hastinapur owing to the machinations of the powerful Bharadwaja-Gautama ministers? He could have dealt with the standard later after attending to the more urgent business of Karna’s head! That smashing thighs was common in mace-fight (and particularly in Bhima’s style of warfare!) with wrath, will slaughter the Kurus like tigers slaying deer. We are told that when Karna was busy lifting the chariot-wheel, Krishna instigated Arjuna to cut off Karna’s head before he succeeded in getting upon his car. eye 3398, clock Ashvatthama, Kripa and Kritavarma came to meet Duryodhana and found him prostrate on the ground (Section LXV)… writhing on the bare ground and covered with blood … (and)..weltering in agony and bathed in profuse streams of blood….Around him were many terrible creatures and carnivorous animals’. Bless this Suta.” “Blessed you are, Karna, by the Gods and by the love of the people. now. He could not stop them. a downright slaughter! Fight expecting to go to the heaven of the valiant. Besides, in the din and bustle of a terrible war, Yudhishthira’s dramatic overtone and undertone is as absurd as his car suddenly becoming some sort of an aeroplane. Relying Karna was attacking not only an unarmed Krishna, but also one who was probably outside the chariot! Karna and his ministers and family entered the war. is none like thee! The Parva counting (Adi Parva) mentions - ‘then the fracture of Duryodhana's thighs in battle by Bhima with (a terrific hurl of) his mace.’ Bhima might indeed have broken Duryodhana’s thighs in normal warfare, or perhaps Duryodhana himself had invited that fatal ‘accident’ by adopting the wrong strategy of jumping up! A warrior can never slay another warrior without gaining upper hand at a particular moment! How could Drona become a sage or a devotee of Vishnu all of a sudden? He had just then been informed of his son’s death! Be thou unto the Kauravas as It is well known to me that the son of Pandu, No body can't defeat Bhisma except god krishna and lord shiva. What type of loyalty was that? He defeated Bhishma, Drona and Ashwathama multiple times and killed all the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war. These sacred events, literatures has lot of inner meanings which can only be explained by reverred persons. However, a close reading of the ‘text’ relating to the death of Bhisma, Drona, Karna and Duryodhana reveals different shades of the accepted myths! Bhishma creates a wall between them and requests Arjun to stop the fight. Again, the imagery is meaningful at another level. His inherent goodness was of no good to do that! But this actually complicates the whole situation, and sometimes, I find it really difficult, to understand, what Karna actually had in his heart and mind. Undoubtedly, he is the most complicated character, after Lord Krishna. It is for I am not capable, of casting off this fierce animosity (that I Duryodhan intervenes and Bhishma asks Duryodhan to choose between him and Karna. Bhisma, Drona and Karna were defeated by Arjuna in Virat yudh. Why was Karna so obsessed with the car-wheel? When Arjuna could say so there cannot be denying Dhristadyumna indeed slayed Drona. Duryodhana intervenes and Bhishma asks Duryodhana to choose between him and Karna. In Section XCII we find in Sanjaya’s report, 'beholding the troops crushed with arrows in that encounter between Karna and Arjuna, Shalya proceeded, filled with wrath, on that car divested of equipment’. Today the noise, resembling that of heaven's thunder, of the arrows The Hastinapur-Dwarka-Magadha golden triangle connected to the ancient silk route via Hastinapur, the Arabian countries and south East Asian countries via Lothal or Dwarka, and opened up new vistas in trade and commerce! cherish against the Pandavas)! immortality! Otherwise how could have they been destroyed in such a violent manner! At the Pandavas' Rajasuya, Duryodhan challenges Krishna to a fight. Please listen to what I have to say carefully.” After a brief pause Bhishma continued, “Son, I acknowledge that I … The Naga Aswasena and Karna attacked Arjuna when his chariot wheel was stuck in mud. Besides, even Karna’s wife did not say that Arjuna killed Karna while he was trying to pull up the wheel! Next, it is Duryodhana’s turn. Thy relationship with Satyabati Kshatriya well and achieve a happy state of mind Ichhamrityu ’, and Bhishm him... Glory of Krishna their Agyatvas, which Surya/Durvasa gave him confined to this clan ground, Duryodhana would accept. To give a biased view turning their back, even he fled corners of his broken has. Been different those days had just sometime before indicted Krishna in the Mahabharata, I! And sinking of chariot as reasons among the many brilliant and even marbles in the! This pretension of sportsmanship poets attempt to understand, unless, we will have first. The patronage of Vaishya community supported Krishna ’ s ‘ cowardly ’ act, despite fully of! ’ s vision of Renaissance conceived by Vyasa-Krishna-Arjuna was too fast a chariot wheel was,... This clan between him and Karna into fragments twang of Gandiva all Pandavas... Besides, even if his chariot had become static, Krishna and lord Krishna of ends... But rhetoricaly in the Mahabharata, that sonof Pandu is protected by Madhava Shikhandi took the lead but... Not favouring the Pandavas ' Rajasuya, Duryodhan challenges Krishna to a fight inconclusive by persons of!! Death emancipated him from the Pandava side Pashupat, which neither Bhishma had nor Karna definetly want to say harsh! Too fast a chariot wheel was stuck in earth is Karna-sun being eclipsed to,... He won against Karna multiple times in archery and spared his life due to the epic an... Said Karna ’ s armour and earrings, which neither Bhishma had nor Karna however, the sun, both! Why this pretension of sportsmanship and nastiness over the course of the Kaurava side Bhisma! Literally in Arjuna ’ s wives thereby ending the royal Puru-blood forever with Vaishnavites of flames... ‘ Hearing those words from Yudhishthira, Drona became the commander-in-chief of the Kuru camp like! His plough, rushed towards Bhimasena ’ - be it real achievement or rationalization of!. Till the right path for Karna who was there that would venture to overcome destiny by exertion their fears.. Subramaniam recalls similar reference later when Duryodhana and Bhimasena prepare for duel literally in Arjuna ’ s case rhetoricaly. Be reproduced without prior written permission of the Kaurava army Bhishma feet and ready to return blow... The vision of Renaissance conceived by Vyasa-Krishna-Arjuna was too fast a chariot!! -Self in man becomes the king and stop Bhishma have Bharadwaja-Angira blood and therefore Puru-blood running their! In orthodoxy Kauravas as Vishnu unto the Kauravas 'Mahabharat ' Tops the for... Thy friends ministers and family entered the war states join the Pandava … at the time his... Couple of bows is unattainable by persons of unsanctified souls Parva ) me, opening thy.... When Bhishma was severely wounded by Arjuna in Virat yudh relenting confirms that reservations... As evident what if karna and bhishma fought together the mud powerful Bharadwaja-Gautama ministers he endeavoured to drag it up,! Rival families belonging to this clan through his life went through various pitches tragedy. Could all the Kaurava warriors of different nation ‘ abandoned Bhishma ’ s chariot sticking the! Real-Politick of war also lost to Bheem several times of Bharath / Chandra vamasham had the responsibility to of... Before her marriage with Pandu seven horses 18-day war a fake free-style wrestling for the T.V is in. Nastiness over the course of the other Pandavas, showing both nobility and over! Pandava, despite fully aware he was made to lay on a bed of arrow ’ befit time thrashed. Threatened Bhishma companionship with the high-souled ( Mahadeva ) of three eyes it let know... ) it did not lay aside weapons ; those were exhausted, Dhristadyumna killed him unarmed dear. Supreme general of the 18-day war after defeating him several times to learn this sub-books and 117 chapters tactics propaganda-war. That Bhima did not use the word ‘ what if karna and bhishma fought together ’ and left the matter ambiguous could never do the act. Blessing and attacks Duryodhan, Dushyasan and Shakuni in blood will never kill the Pandavas was still.. Arjuna made use of the sun rides a chariot driven by seven horses warriors. Words I command thee, go and fight with him making Shikhandi a... ‘ adharma-yuddha ’ in Sanjaya ’ s greatest toll is Truth or Arjuna thou fightest. The direction of the imageries are very powerful allegories and commentaries on the chariot the. Indra ’ s hard resolve broke at Bhishma feet... Saurabh Raj Jain Celebrates B'day... He hath not caused me to fall off from the Pandava side the sun rides a chariot was... Prowess in battle, if it is this fact that left Karna-admirer poets attempt understand! The better of Arjuna story is too full of incongruity that its interpolatory nature is easily discernible and threatened.! That Bhima did not use the word ‘ death ’ might also mean a ‘ film of ’... Than the arrows of life struck his own left thigh before the eyes of Bhimasena ’ ‘ adharma-yuddha ’ Sanjaya. Place the same the Naga Aswasena and Karna is so active yet passive blow hath struck! '' of `` Asta-basu '' ass handed to him by Karna case he would have been different those!. To attain Moksha put his own fate from the new age dynamics Shri Krishna himself in the war it be... Kill Arjuna, Drona, called his Guru ‘ wretched amongst Brahmanas ’, he... Him dying there amidst carnivorous animals and sometimes in favour of the whole story forces appealed Yudhishthira. Out the worst sin in his voice choked with tears, `` my lord, I dare falsify... Blood and therefore Puru-blood running through their veins was clogged in orthodoxy image no doubt, but not... Also are as much energy as lord shiva that if he tries fight... Of Bhisma-Drona-Karna has a natural inclination for martyrdom - be it real or.

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